A key design goal for Galactic Impact is for the game to be playable in multiple ways. Some folks may want to run their empires as a warmonger, while others may want to focus on trade, or exploration. Some people might want to plant a flag in every star system their sensors find, while others might want to focus on a few core worlds and venture out only to bring back additional resource. Awesome! We want all of these to be viable.

But space is real big, y’all, and no matter how you slice it, your star map is going to wind up full of information, and not all of it is going to be mission-critical to you and your empire every time you log in.

Enter “Bookmarks” — a system for you to flag some set of specific systems, planets, worlds, or ships as… well, whatever you want them to mean! Worlds you’re actively working to develop, juicy mining opportunities on the edges of the known galaxy, or places you’re planning a sneak attack.

Animation of adding, then removing a Bookmark.

The Bookmark icon will show on the page of any unit or location you can bookmark. Click this and it will show up in the “bookmarks list” on your main Empire screen for easier finding next turn. Click the bookmark again to remove it from your list once it’s no longer relevant.

We’re previewing Bookmarks for everyone starting now! Because we have bills to pay, and we’re committed to never putting “pay-to-win” mechanisms into Galactic Impact, we’re thinking Bookmarks, as a nice-to-have for very active players, may eventually transition to being part of our Galactic Impact Premium subscription option.

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