Space. It’s like, really big, y’know?

Galactic Impact is a game. Set in space. Specifically, it’s turn-based, space empire 4X that’s played in a web browser. Build a galaxy-spanning empire, manage inter-empire relations, with only a short, periodic time commitment.

Command your ships

Dispatch ships to distant star systems, to establish new worlds, or send them to war against your enemies!

Manage your fleet

Dozens of ship types to build and deploy, everything from scouting ships to discover new star systems, to combat cruisers, to sturdy transports, to massive capital ships, to repair vessels to follow along behind and clean up the mess.

Build your worlds

Manage the infrastructure on your homeworld and all the outposts you set up throughout the cosmos — optimize resource pipelines to build galactic wealth. Will you build sustainably, or strip-mine your planets and leave them abandoned?

Parlay with your neighbors

Did we mention that Galactic Impact is massively multiplayer? Before too long, you’ll come across other empires vying for their own place in the galaxy. How your ships respond is up to you; fly under a beacon of peace and you may make yourself a new ally,

Rich tech tree

More than sixty different technologies to discover and unlock as you explore the “tech tree” and grow your empire’s potential across new ships, new weapons, new star drives,

Vast Galaxy

Thousands of stars to chart and explore as you make your way in the galaxy, chock full of planets for setting up outposts, with some surprises sprinkled in for the intrepid explorer to discover.

Turn based

Every three hours (‘on the threes’ UTC) the game performs an update, executing the commands you’ve queued, revealing any star systems your ships have discovered, producing resources at all your worlds, and resolving any combats that might have occurred.

New features releasing every week

Galactic Impact is fully baked and ready to rock, but let’s be real — a game about galactic exploration and conquest could never really be complete so we’ve got a roadmap of great new features and content that we’re real excited about. Advanced diplomacy, galactic commerce, science vessels, new planetary resource harvesting abilities, just to name a few. Check out the development blog for all the latest!

Classic 4X Gameplay, Modern Game Design

We love the classic format: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate, but we’ve adapted that formula just a bit to work for an ongoing massively multiplayer online game:

  • eXplore the galaxy,
    • eXtract resources from your worlds,
      • eXchange goods across the galaxy with other empires,
        • eXpand your influence — whether through diplomatic relations or through force.

Low touch

Galactic Impact is designed to be played successfully in as little as 15 minutes, every few days… because hey, sometimes it’s fun to get into a video game without it requiring your full attention to enjoy, and all of us on the team have full time jobs aside from this. Check in on the state of things before you join your first zoom call of the day, queue up some Orders for your ships, and they can take care of business on their own as turns tick by throughout the day, or while you sleep.

Free to play

It’s free, no ads, no bullshit, no requirement to hound your friends to sign up (though you’ll want them to!), no loot drops or tedious item collection.

Our only paid upgrade, Galactic Impact Premium, is a fully-optional flat monthly subscription that unlocks convenience features and cosmetic additions for avid players.

We’re very serious about this. And no pay-to-win — we feckin’ hate pay-to-win games, so we’re going to avoid becoming one at all costs.

Sign up to begin building your empire

Free to join, free to play!